Honesty is always the best policy- why being truthful on your CV is important


We understand that in today’s work culture the competition is fierce.

Are you a recent graduate who feels there is a massive amount of pressure from employers to have years of experience?

Or are you an older professional that feels their current age goes against them when applying for various job opportunities?

Reasons like these make it tempting to slightly embellish your accomplishments, or use a friend as a reference rather than a recent employer on your CV.


But how serious is it to lie on your CV?


Misleading employers about your education, qualifications or level of experiences to obtain a position is seen as fraud (scary right?).

It is seen as very serious and if found out can result in termination of employment and in some cases jail time.

So, the question that remains is – is it worth taking the risk?


What are the most common lies?


In a recent survey by YouGov  it was found that one in ten Brits have lied on their CV. Below is the most common things people aren’t being honest about:



Why are we doing this?


There are many different personal reasons to why people lie on their CV but below are some of the most popular. Do any sound familiar?

  • Fear of not securing the job role
  • Attempting to achieve a higher paying salary
  • Wanting to sound more interesting to employers
  • Feeling that if we are honest about our age, gaps in employment or previous job titles it may look unfavourable to employers.


But what are the consequences?


  • Not being able to do the job properly
  • Preventing the correctly qualified person from being hired
  • A negative effect on mental health from exhausting your capabilities
  • Effecting other employees doing their job efficiently
  • Wasting time and money for both yourself and employers


And Employers are only becoming more vigilant… 


The recruitment process is only becoming easier with the use of the internet to quickly fact check an individual’s résumé.

Printerland discovered that 32% of professionals lied on their applications and when found out many were asked to leave their role or take a reduction in salary.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Once lies are discovered you run the risk of being branded with a dishonest reputation to not only your current employer but potentially future employers.

Therefore, as cliché as it sounds the best policy is to always be honest!


However, fear not! There are many other ways to stand out from the crowd!


  • Formatting– your CV is your first impression and the steppingstone to getting an interview! It is important to spend time on getting it right! If you feel your CV could benefit from improvement, please click here to be taken to our CV Tips page.


  • Cover Letters– these are a great opportunity to promote yourself in more personal words to your employer. Many people have similar qualifications, but many people are not you. Why?


  • Do your research – you wouldn’t book a holiday without doing any research so why should this be any different for your career where you spend most of your time?


  • Eagerness to Learn– Employers don’t expect us to know everything but they do want to see a pro-active and positive attitude! You can do this even at this stage by showing employers you are open to any opportunities.


  • Presenting a true reflection of yourself– this is not only for the employer but also to ensure that you get the right job role that suits you.