We often forget that what we post online can be seen by many people other than our closest friends…


So, if you have had a bad day at work and feel like venting or see a funny video that may involve inappropriate content, I urge you DO NOT post it on social media.


Although your employer may never verbally express what they have seen on your social media platforms, it doesn’t mean they haven’t seen it.


Or worst yet. What if your future employers see it?


It turns out that 70% of employers screen candidates during the hiring process and 43% of employers keep eyes on their current employees, according to a recent study by CareerBuilder.


Now most of us probably think we don’t post anything online that would jeopardise getting a new job or keeping a current one.


But you could be wrong!


More than half the employers that were surveyed said they found one of the following as a reason not to hire someone:


Provocative or inappropriate pictures, videos or information


Information from the candidate relating to drinking or drugs


Discriminatory content relating to gender, race or religion


Candidate bad mouthed previous employers or colleagues


Candidate lied about qualifications


Candidate had poor communication skills


 Links to criminal behaviour


Candidate shared confidential information from previous employer


Candidate screen name was inappropriate


Candidate lied about an absence


Candidate posted too frequently



But don’t panic and do not delete your online profile!


By becoming a ghost online, it actually suggests you have something to hide (you don’t do you?) and can negatively impact your chances of being hired!


Instead use your social media for good!


But how do we do this?



Simple answer- Showcase your personality in a positive way! 


Here is how:

Handshake, Hands, Laptop, Monitor


1. Use your real name – Remember that username you created when you were 15? Quickly ditch it!


2. Have a clean-up – Remove anything you  feel could be offensive or inappropriate to employers!


3. Use relevant and up to date information – Especially for platforms such as LinkedIn, it helps show employers your professional history!


4. Show your achievements – There are many things we do both inside and outside our professional lives, that help show our interests, skills and creativity!


5. Keep an eye on what your friends tag you inAlthough it’s great to share pictures and comments with friends, their posts may be offensive, so ask your friends to remove anything that can reflect badly on you!


6. Be part of the community Although you now may be scared to comment on posts, don’t be! Joining groups, following companies and sharing your positive opinions can be a great way to impress future employers! (But be careful not to over interact!).


7. Limit your posts in working hours You do not want future employers to think all you do at work is go on social media!


A little tip to remember is that if you have to think twice about something you are posting, then it’s probably not a good idea to post it!