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Freight Operations Warehousing Sales Management

We are passionate about getting the recruitment process right for both the Employer and Candidate

At Freight Selection, we specialise in recruitment for the Freight and Logistics Industry only across the UK.

With significant experience working in both large and smaller companies, we understand the requirements of each role, what skills and knowledge are needed and use a truly consultative approach to ensure the right fit.

So if you are someone looking for your next career move or an employer who needs the right person to join your team, we can help make it happen.

Freight Selection

Our mission is always to delivery Quality over Quantity in everything we do


Our Core Values


Having integrity means doing the right thing every time. We only match the right candidates to the right opportunities.


We believe in kindness, caring, and a willingness to help others. Our goal is working with our clients and candidates resulting in the best outcome for all.


We will always be honest with our clients and candidates and give total transparency in what we do.


We believe in strong relationships and whenever we promise or agree to do something we always deliver.


We are constantly driven to provide the best service we can and want to succeed so our clients and candidates will too.


We can always be called upon whenever you need us to provide a trustworthy and reliable service.


We waste no time in meeting your needs so we can reach the desired result as soon as possible.


We really love what we do and believe we can make a real difference for all our clients and candidates.


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